Why the Bomb Squad Came to Our House… and what it means for YOUR Marriage

It started out small enough…

The old farm house we live in has a space under it that is something between a root cellar and a basement. Mainly, it served as a comfortable home for spiders and rodents. This particular day, I had decided to reclaim this space and make it my own.

As I was cleaning, I happened to glance up above some shelves and noticed a couple small items perched in the shadows on a hand hewn floor beam. When I pulled them down, the box was labeled “WARNING! Blasting Caps”!!!

I called the Sheriff’s office to see what they would suggest we do with our “find”. They stated, fairly emphatically, that I should stay away from the caps and call 911 to get the Bomb Squad dispatched to remove them.

I thought, “Seriously? The Bomb Squad?”

But there was more. Before the Bomb Squad would detonate our blasting caps, they needed to have a fire truck and an ambulance present. Since our fire department out here in the country is a volunteer department, it became a community event.

In the end, the caps were safely removed. They were then attached to an explosive device and I was given the honor of pushing the button to make the whole thing go BOOM!

So what on earth does this mean to your marriage?

The things that destroy marriage start out small enough. But then one day as we’re going about the mundane tasks of life, we notice something in the shadows of our heart that carries potentially destructive power. When we recognize that threat, we have some options to choose from.

  1. We can choose to ignore it and hope it goes away. (or doesn’t detonate under our house)
  2. We can try to deal with threat by ourselves. (I had a couple wild ideas that MIGHT have done the trick)
  3. We can bring in outside help. (Really glad I chose this option with the blasting caps)

Found anything in your “marital cellar” recently that is causing you concern? Wondering if there are any surprises waiting down there for you? Don’t wait until it explodes to take action. Remove the threat. Seek help if you need to. In the end, you’ll be glad you took the time and effort to clear the explosive issue.

After all, no one rests very well with a bomb in the house.




Take this step today to know for sure if there are any time bombs ticking in your relationship: Sit down with your spouse (especially your wife, men) and ask them if they sense any destructive force(s) beginning to erode your relationship. Listen carefully without becoming defensive. Ask clarifying questions until you are sure you understand what he/she is saying.

– See more at: http://www.marriageconversionuniversity.com/bomb-squad-marriage-1/#sthash.bVokElEk.dpuf

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  1. John C. Yun
    6 years ago

    Twenty six years on a roller coaster is breath taking. Getting old now, may need to flatten those highs and lows before getting a heart attack. What do you think?