T Minus 6: The Day After Launch…

It’s embarrassing really, when I begin to realize just how limited my faith actually is. As we are counting down to our moving day with no clear destination – literally trusting God to provide a home for us, I’m doing quite well. In fact, I have peace all the way through moving day. That’s in part because I have a PLAN all the way through moving day!

But today I began talking with Timi about the day AFTER moving day! What if we really don’t know where we’re going? What if we really DO move all our stuff into a storage unit and we’re homeless, clueless, and adrift? What additional contingencies do we need to put in place in case God doesn’t give us direction by the day after moving day?

Fear rising – panic choking. Brain begins to fog.

It’s not that I need to learn how to hold onto peace. Instead, I believe I need to stop throwing it away by indulging in worry or doubt. Instead of evaluating my contingencies, I’m better off rehearsing HIS faithfulness.

I’m beginning to understand in a new way why Jesus would say, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34. Every time I begin picking up tomorrow’s problems, trying to answer tomorrow’s questions, I throw away my peace.

So I pick up my marching orders for the day, do my best to fulfill them, and rest. Tomorrow will come – with all it’s opportunities and challenges. But I’m not there yet. Loading day (and the day after it) will come. We may or may not know where we are going. But if we don’t, there will still be a truck to load and unload. The day after, there will still be a house to clean or grass to mow before we drive away for the last time. But that’s not today, and, for the moment, I’m choosing NOT to throw away my peace by worrying about it.

How do you hold onto your peace? Share your stories in the comments below.

– Richie

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