Sometimes You Get a Glimpse…

Ever wonder if you REALLY matter that much to your children?  Ever wonder if your impact is actually all that important after all?  Every once in a while a child says something so insightful and profound that it gives us a glimpse into their inner world.  When that happens we see things, for a moment at least, as they really are.

Last night as I was putting our oldest son, Caleb, to bed I had one of those moments.  As I shared a bed time snuggle with our boy he grinned his sparkely grin and said, “Daddy, every time you and mommy come into my room it feels like a brand new room!”

Think about that for a moment, dad or mom.  You have the power in your child’s life to make rooms new just by entering them!  If you choose to engage your child of any age and enter the place of their fear, disappointment, grief, hope, or expectation – you can make that place new just by being there with them.  It’s not possible to overstate the importance to our kids of actual time spent with them.  Playing, talking, listening, teaching.  Our presence as parents makes the experience brand new for our children.

Isn’t that what Jesus did for us?  He came into our dark fallen world.  He lived his life among us so we would know He understood.  And just by coming He made our world brand new. Go, be Jesus to your children today.

– Richie

photo credit: Julie70 via photopin cc

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