Overnight she was gone…

I didn’t see it coming, that’s for sure. One day she was there and the next she was gone. I didn’t know how to handle the loss I felt. I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.

My mom has been one of our family’s biggest cheerleaders. She has celebrated every win we’ve had and encouraged me to stay on track when I was ready to give up. She believes in our ministry and wants to hear every little story of mischief, faith and triumph. (She really loved the one where the baby caught me with my guard down and played in potty water twice in a 15 minute period!!)

We talked several times a week. I’d tell her the latest stories from the boys. I’d share the most recent miracle story from our ministry or family. We’d talk about dreams for the future. I was glad I had unlimited minutes on my cell phone plan!

But then she was gone.

No it’s not what you think. She got one of the nasty bugs that was running around this winter and it turned into an ear infection. She couldn’t hear a thing! And that was the end of our conversations. For weeks.

I experienced an incredible sense of loss. I literally kept calling to see if she’d pick up, leaving messages she couldn’t hear.

That season of silence taught me to appreciate my mom at a new level. Whether it’s my mom, or the mother of my children – Moms matter. We really can’t do too much to express our gratitude. So this next week we’ll be posting 5 Tips to seriously up your game this Mother’s Day. Implement even one of them and you’ll certainly increase your Hero status with the Mom(s) in your world.

Here’s one to get you started. It may sound simplistic but… Start planning how you’ll say “Thank You” NOW! A little time and creative thought will go further than you imagine. If she can still hear you… love on her good!

– Richie

photo credit: RSL IMAGES via photopin cc

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  1. Dave
    8 years ago

    Thank you Richie for this. It instantly touched a chord with me. Sounds like our moms are a lot alike. She’s always been there – believing in us. Looking forward to the 5 tips.

    • admin
      8 years ago

      I bet they are Dave! Seems like that cheerleading characteristic may be just as important in our adult years as it was when we were young.

  2. Janet
    8 years ago

    You are SO right on, Richie. My mom is at rest and every day I wish I could talk to her – and I have grandkids! Mom’s are really special in our lives no matter how “experienced” we are.

    • admin
      8 years ago

      The more “experienced” the better I say!

  3. Kaycee Jay Kendall
    8 years ago

    I’m with you there, brother. Mother’s are more indispensable than we realize. I lost my own mother in a car accident before I was two years of age, and, since then, I have “adopted” several mothers in my life, and I STILL haven’t got enough! Bring on those tips, I can sure afford a new glint on my hero armour.

    • admin
      8 years ago

      I hear you Kaycee! Thanks for sharing. The tips are on their way.