Seminar Responses

  • “We have watched ‘Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage’ and ‘Love & Respect’ on DVD in a small group. They both gave some good tips. But this seminar felt like it has been more helpful, practical, and useful.
  • “Not being sure what to expect, I actually had alternate plans for Saturday afternoon. After 10 minutes Friday night I knew I was staying.”
  •  “Richie and Timi are real and reflect things we all struggle with.”
  • “The message – the honesty and transparency drew us in and made us want to travel this journey with Richie and Timi. Because of their story we were encouraged to re-vitalize our relationship with God and each other. Thank you for sharing the Browers with us!”
  •  “Outstanding!”
  • “Appreciated the topic of “Submitted” – more need to hear your talk about this subject. Life changing.
  • “If anyone is looking to revitalize your marriage, or making it even better, invite Richie and Timi to your community and reap the benefits!”
  •  “Thank you Richie and Timi for stepping up to discuss marriage on a deep level. The oneness with Christ & our spouse is what we all need to hear.”
  • “I was so blessed by the weekend. It was practical, fun and uplifting all at the same time.”
  • “It was great to have so many take aways from the class. I feel I have all the tools to make my marriage the best marriage possible.”
  • “We had such a positive response to your seminar at camp meeting. I just praise the Lord you were able to come.”
  • “Real down to earth people informing real broken couples. They share our sorrows & pain. They have gone down the dark road & can help us find our way through ours.”
  • “Defibrillator for my heart and commitment to my relationship through God. A light (or “seed”) of hope. Thank you.”
  • “Richie & Timi do an excellent job of sharing Biblical, sound tips & advice from their own personal experiences which are shared with transparency, humor, and compassion. They have a gift.”

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