A Call to PRAYER for our Marriages

It happened again today. The words leapt off my computer screen, “My husband and I are living separate lives. I’m running out of hope.”

I wish I could tell you I was shocked. Sad? Yes. Disappointed? Certainly. But I wasn’t shocked. Call it an occupational hazard. As a team ministering to families, Timi and I hear stories like this far too often.

Maybe the marriages in your church or community are rock-solid and thriving. If so, Praise the Lord! But I’m fairly certain you do your share of grieving over the unions—some of which you witnessed—that took on water and went down like the Titanic. You can probably think of several marriages that are on life support even now as you’re reading these words.

It’s clear that we need a marriage revival, beginning in the house of God. And that’s why I’m writing you today. I want to share with you a plan from the Idaho Conference Prayer Ministries Department in partnership with Marriage Conversion University, for a counter-offensive that will begin September 8 and last for 40 days…on our knees. Timi and I are joining Pastor, Author, and Speaker, Randy Maxwell to offer this experience.

Like all revivals, prayer will fuel this one, too. We’re calling it the 40-Day Marriage Revival: A prayer and passion challenge for couples. This initiative calls on couples to covenant together to pray for and with each other at least five minutes a day for 40 consecutive days. Other features of the marriage revival include:

  • A weekly date night
  • A weekly marriage revival prayer call (Number and access code to be supplied)
  • Daily marriage revival devotions and prayer points for couples on website and FaceBook page.
  • A marriage revival “Passion Pledge” that consists of acts of blessing for spouses and journaling through 1 Cor. 13 and Ephesians.
  • The 10 Commandments of Marriage Revival
  • Downloading the FREE “Call on Faith” Mobile app from Faith for Today to access free video clips from Mike Tucker’s “Mad About Marriage” ministry.

The revival will conclude on the weekend of the 40th day (Oct. 17 – 18) with a live streamed Marriage Conversion Seminar presented by Timi and myself. You can join us for that part individually, as a group, or as a congregation.

The vision for this prayer challenge is simple: To see marriages in our churches and communities revived, restored, and rededicated to Christ. We want children to receive the blessing of moms and dads who are passionately in love with God and each other. We want our singles to be blessed with the godly examples of committed couples, and we want to reverse the humiliating trend of divorce among God’s people, and the negative influence it brings to our communities.

If you’d like to participate in the 40 – Day Marriage Revival, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.

CLICK HERE to join us for the Webcast Marriage Conversion Seminar Oct. 17 & 18. Share your email address, and we’ll send you updates & login information so you are prepared for the event.

If you are a pastor or ministry leader and you’d like to share either 40 – Day Marriage Revival or the Marriage Conversion Seminar experience with a group or your church, please CONTACT US and let us know how you’d like to participate. We’ll get you the information you need as well as materials to help you get the word out.

Let’s seek God for a revival of love, fidelity, and commitment in our marriages.

Richie Brower

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