Invest in Your Family without breaking the bank

Where do we turn for the very best in marriage and parenting resources? You might be surprised.

This last week we’ve been enjoying the Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage DVD’s. No, we didn’t buy them on Amazon for $39.99. We got them for FREE from our Library. We regularly check out books on parenting, marriage, and mental health issues at NO COST. Only when we’ve read it and decided we want to have it on hand do we buy a book and add to our personal collection.

Our Library carries books by Kevin Lehman, Gary Chapman, Greg and Erin Smalley, Foster and Cline, John Gray, Cloud and Townsend, Emmerson Eggerichs, John Gottman, Neil Clark Warren, Mary Hunt, Gary Smalley and more. Our library system had nearly 100 titles using only the search word, “marriage”.

So plan a trip to your library this week or go online and reserve a book or video series. Than plan a weekend mini retreat and read a book together or laugh yourselves silly with Mark Gungor. The price is right and the investment is timeless.

– Richie

Where do you find great resources for marriage and parenting? Post your sources below in the comments.


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  1. Linda Barnes
    9 years ago

    Great info. In Oregon sign up for a card at your local Library and for ebooks use Library2Go. Or reserve the real thing on-line. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Richie
    9 years ago

    Thanks for the lead Linda. Our Oregon readers will appreciate that.

  3. Ray Raab
    9 years ago

    We had our church buy the Laugh Your Way To A Better Marriage dvd’s and then anyone can check them out. We are using them currently for our weekly couple’s bible study. Kind of like a library I guess?
    But a great idea about the Library, have not been there for many a year.

    • Richie
      9 years ago

      It’s good for the church to have those kind of resources available. Thanks Ray

  4. Barb
    9 years ago

    I get mine from resale stores, garage sales, the Dollar Store. Usually get very good deals!

    • Richie
      9 years ago

      Another great idea! Thanks Barb