Intentional Gratitude

The other day a friend exuberantly told me some excellent news. I was very excited for her and eager to share the news with the others in my family. When I told Richie and the kids, Caleb’s bright-eyed response was, “We should celebrate! We should have a sparkly drink with dinner tonight!”

Can we bring that kind of joy into our daily walk with God and our spouse?

If you have come to one of our seminars, you may remember that the first of ten practical tips for converting your marriage is Intentionality. Intentionally focus on your marriage. Look for ways to bless your spouse, etc. Two perspectives, when practiced intentionally, greatly increase the joy in our world – celebration and gratitude.

Caleb’s response to anything that brings him joy, large or small, is “Let’s celebrate!” It’s a good way to live. Gratitude is worship. It is praising God for being the Giver of good gifts, no matter what they are. Numerous studies have shown that anxiety and depression are decreased by gratitude. Another study found that the anxiety part of your brain decreases its activity when the grateful part is in use.

As an act of intentionality for your marriage, consider practicing gratitude and celebration. Having a down day? See how many things you can find to be grateful for. Feeling scared and alone? Look for something to celebrate. Can’t think of anything? Ask your spouse to join you in intentional gratitude. Still struggling? Look at Ps. 107, find yourself in the situations expressed there, and praise Him as the Psalmist did.

And then, break out the Martinelli’s!

– Timari

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  1. Wendy
    10 years ago

    Thank you Timi for this uplifting message it is what my heart needed to hear on this evening. I am getting up now to get my bible and read Ps. 107.

    God bless and you and your family are in my prayers.


    • admin
      10 years ago

      You are very welcome, Wendy! Blessings to you and yours as well and thank you muchly for keeping us in your prayers. The adventure and need for praise is ongoing. 🙂