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Goals to Reality – My Plan

Many of you who read my 2015 Goals blog post, asked if I’d share what I am doing to turn those goals into reality. So this is a nuts and bolts report on HOW I am going about making those 7 goals reality. If you missed it, you can read that post  here – My Goals for 2015.

It takes time and intentional thought to map out goals that will push me, moving our family and ministry in the right directions. But the real work begins when I start to implement them! Here’s how I’m doing that.

1. Make it Real. First of all I took a big risk this year and shared my goals with all of you! THAT is called accountability. Then, when you expressed interest, I promised to give regular (monthly I think) updates on how I’m doing at reaching those goals. That is a high level of accountability. (Gulp)

2. Plan it. All of my goals have deadlines. (Start having weekly All Family Meetings by January 31st) So my next step was to look through my goals and see when the deadlines came. Then I started working backward with my calendar to schedule the first step or two I needed to take to ensure that I arrived at my destination on time. (re-read chapter on family meetings now, schedule first meeting for Sunday January 11th) Some of my goals require immediate, daily implementation – like my morning routine. I was NOT too excited to bump the alarm back as far as I needed to… but that was the first step I had to take.

3. Next Steps Only. I’m not trying to accomplish any of my goals today. I’m focused only on the next step I need to take in order to accomplish my goal by the deadline. I listened to a podcast where they mentioned the idea of only planning 12 weeks out rather than trying to map out the entire year. That leaves room for life to happen and doesn’t feel so overwhelming. So I have placed “check points” in my calendar which allow me to know if I’m on track to reach my objectives. (January 31 “listened to 5.5 books of the Bible)

For our ministry, I have broken the year down into quarters with the objectives for each quarter written out on a white board by my desk.  That’s my big picture. But for my personal goals I’m just focusing on 12 weeks at a time.

4. Review. This year I actually printed out my personal goals, framed them, and hung them in my office. As I already said our ministry goals are on a whiteboard by my desk. This allows me to review them regularly and check to see if I’m tracking with our goals. I’m writing this post today – at least in part, because I have a goal of blogging consistently.

5. Adjust. Goals are the target I’m aiming at. But some things may not work out. As the year moves on, there will need to be compensation and adjustment for the ebb and flow of life. I want things to work the best they can so I’ll adjust the plan to maximize what’s working. I may over achieve or fall short of some of my goals, but I will choose to learn and move ahead rather than beat myself up or quit. While there will be adjustment, this is not a loop hole. I will not be changing my 7 Goals – I MAY change my plan of attack for achieving them.

So there you have it. I spent probably 30 minutes putting “check points” on my calendar for the first 12 weeks. I set my alarm to reflect my daily routine, and I start most work days by reviewing my goals for that week, and quarter. That is my plan to turn my goals into reality.

What’s your plan? What suggestions would you make to help me strengthen mine? Share in the comments below.

photo credit: e3Learning via photopin cc

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