Finding Rest in Nature – Guest Post

The sun has slipped away in the west leaving behind soft touches of low light and creating silhouettes of the nearby trees. The air is shifting from the heat of the day to the cool of the night. My heart is happy. I kick off my shoes, grab my camera, plant my bare feet in the cool soft grass, and gaze into the night sky. Even in the city, the night sky often shows off its wonders. This night is no exception. The moon, though a slight version of itself, is a masterpiece, a work of art on the canvass of the dark night sky.  It’s a reminder from the Creator that we, like this sliver of a moon, have much to give this world – whether or not we’ve reached our full potential.

That realization speaks to my heart and inspires me. In recent years my faith and hope have wavered. I’ve experienced much disappointment, shame, despair and heartache. I’ve bought into lies, believing that I’m not enough. I’ve believed that unless I’m at my best, unless I’ve reached my full potential, I have little to offer this world. Tonight this sliver of a moon is telling me a different story. It is a gentle reminder from my Creator saying, “My child, look at the beauty of this moon and see how much joy it’s bringing to you. It’s not much of a moon, but that doesn’t diminish it’s impact. It may not shine as brightly and get as many glances as a full moon, but it still brings gifts of light, beauty, joy and inspiration. You are no different. Put your attention on what you have to give and give what you can, where you are. That is enough.”

“Thank you God”, I breathe. “Thank you for the reminder.”

This night is just one of the countless times when I’ve found my inspiration and hope through the beauty and wonder of God’s creation. Nature has been my cathedral – my place of peace, rest, inspiration, rejuvenation, and joy. It is there where I feel closest to God and where he speaks most clearly to my heart. It is there where I’ve created many of my fondest memories with family and friends.

Time spent in God’s creation connects our hearts to truth, beauty and love, and that connection provides much-needed rest for our weary souls. The pictures posted here are from a few of the places I spent time outdoors this summer, starting with pictures of tonight’s beautiful moon.

Wishing you Rest,

Bonnie Hall

Do you have a favorite place where you love to go and connect with God in nature? We’d love to hear about your special spot in the comments below.

Cannon Beach Sunset

Suttle Lake Canoes
Old Bay RdHappy Bees

Cannon Beach Dusk




Columbia River









Bonnie Hall  lives in Portland, Oregon where she works as a Patient Scheduler at an eye surgery center, and spends her free time writing, taking pictures and exploring the outdoors. She also enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

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  1. Lynda
    9 years ago

    Thank you, Bonnie!

    What wonderful thoughts, especially “. . . a reminder from the Creator that we, like this sliver of a moon, have much to give this world – whether or not we’ve reached our full potential . . . “

    • Richie
      9 years ago

      I agree Lynda. We were blessed by that idea too.

  2. Ray Raab
    9 years ago

    I agree, the outdoors is the best place to be, to be with God. Anytime I have a bad day or problems in my life a hike within Gods creation is the best place to be. I feel closer to him and this brings me peace. I have found that being in the outdoors away from it all clears my mind better than anywhere else. I will just hike and talk with God as a best friend who never leaves my side. I am always amazed at what I find, even if I have been there many times before.
    My favorite places have to be anywhere on the coast or on the top of a mountian, but the coast has always been special to me and nothing beats an Oregon sunset!
    God bless!

    • Richie
      9 years ago

      Couldn’t agree with you more Ray. I’m a mountain top person too. But having grown up visiting the Oregon coast I find it in my blood.

  3. Denise
    9 years ago

    Well done! We all need to remember that to Jesus we were each worthy dying for. If we give Him whatever we are it’ll be loaves and fishes all over again. Don’t you love the things God uses to speak to us! Your photos are beautiful. God bless you, Bonnie.

  4. Mike
    9 years ago

    Thank you Bonnie.

    I resonated with your whole piece.
    God’s timing was great for me to read it too.

    Thank you and praise to our awesome God. His love is wonderful.

  5. Marilyn Wilmot
    9 years ago

    Thank you Bonnie! I love the Pacific Nw; I was born & raised in Spokane Wa, my children were born in Portland Or. I lived in So CA do many years, & have been so blessed to travel. I see God’s beauty everywhere I’ve been, & everywhere I look! My favorite is during the night I look out & see the moon & the stars; I’m amazed! I also am fascinated by white puffy clouds. I live in the country & I do so enjoy the wildlife & trees, wildflowers’ the river & so on! The deer come & rest in the shade, & in our yard. We call them our “pets”. Yes, God’s creation IS FASCINATING! It’s even in the air we breathe, a child’s love, birth of a baby, a kiss, a hug, a couple being joined as one; a gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun, the rain. The smell after a storm, & the rainbow in the sky..God’s promise!

  6. Donna Watts
    9 years ago

    Beautifully written reminder of all God gives us in the simple things of life. Beautiful pictures, some I recognize from home.
    I love the mountains, etc., but I find that any place there is water…ocean, river, lake… is very special and reviving for me. I’ll look back fondly on the trip we just took from Port Alberni on Vancouver Island to Ucluelet through some of God’s beautiful, wild country.
    Thank you, Bonnie, for your writing and thank you, God, for all the beauty You left in this old world.