My Favorite Christmas Tree Ornament…

What makes your Christmas special? Our Christmas tree is covered with a variety of ornaments many of which are made special by the parts of our family history they represent. There are the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments, the ones representing trips to Alaska, Glacier National Park and the Smokey Mountains. Then there are a few specially chosen for me by my bride over the years. Truly, our tree is a tapestry of story.

This year as we hung them on the tree, one in particular caught my eye. It’s the ornament that Timi bought as part of a scavenger hunt I sent her on the night of our engagement. We were engaged the night before Christmas Eve. It was cold but, oh, how we did Christmas up right that evening! There aboard that 43 foot yacht, I asked a question and she gave an answer that would change our lives.

We had no way of knowing what we were committing ourselves to that night. We couldn’t have imagined the struggle, the reward, the pain, the joy, the terror, and the ecstasy that would be marriage. We plunged ahead and, in spite of the best preparations we knew how to make, were completely caught off guard by the devastation of our first week of marriage.  Then there were years of relational roller coasters, unimaginable losses, unexpected wins, and unmerited GRACE.

It was not entirely probable that we’d be putting up a tree as a family this year. But the Co-Signer on our marriage covenant has shown himself stronger than the assaults on our home. Over the last several years we have worked intentionally to honor the commitments we made to each other on our wedding day. It hasn’t always been easy, but I’m sure glad we chose to keep the promises we made. Christmas is made more sweet by the fruit of promises kept. The warmth in our home has more to do with cracked hearts uniting than crackling flames colliding. That’s why this ornament hangs in honor near the top of our tree. It’s a reminder of the promises we made to each other which were ratified by the creator of marriage Himself.

Merry Christmas,

– Richie

How does Christmas remind you of the importance of marriage commitments? Share in the comments below.

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  1. Donna Watts
    9 years ago

    The crocheted angels I made and the cinnamon scented tree decorations Dick made on our first Christmas…I love putting them up because they take me back to that first Christmas we spent together and reminds me how fortunate I am that God sent him my way.