Counseling Didn’t Work for us… What DID and Why

“We really need to work on our communication skills. Should we read a book, watch a few videos, or see a counselor?”

People often express concern to us about the idea of Christian counseling. Their concern leaves them feeling stuck because they recognize issues in their marriage that need help but they don’t know where to turn. They wonder if counseling would work for them. Some wonder if it’s a biblical idea or one that has any scientific validity.

Should they try it?

How can they get the most from a counseling relationship if they DO pursue one?

Are there other options that could improve the quality of many marriages?

Where else could they learn the skills they need to make their marriage stronger, better, or bolder?

We tried books, videos and counselors and while all added tools, we stumbled upon something that had more lasting power than anything we had tried so far. We will tell you why counseling didn’t work for us and answer the above questions in our upcoming webinar entitled…

Counseling Didn’t Work for Us… What DID and Why”.

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This presentation will take place on Thursday, March 13 at 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time.

We’d love to have you join us!

Richie & Timi


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