Can You Transform Your Marriage… ALONE?

Do you feel stuck in your relationship because your partner has no desire to work on it? Do they even see that there IS a need for change? We are pleased to introduce a brand new instructional video series from Marriage Conversion University. In this new video teaching series Richie and Timi Brower offer hope that lasting relational transformation can happen even if one party has no interest in making a change. ONE PERSON CAN!!

Richie and Timi share, “Many people are asking: ‘Is there hope for my marriage if I’m the only one who wants more? If I’m the only one willing to work on it?” We will address this with a resounding, Yes! One person can make a difference. We hope you’ll join us for this practical, hope filled video series.”

This series is completely free, but not completely produced! The first video in the series will be rolling out soon. To guarantee that you’ll get access as soon as each video is released, you can CLICK HERE and enter your email address. You’ll be sent a link as each video is completed.

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