Breaking the Silence Around Porn – A Guest Interview video

Research shows that the number of men and women getting hooked by porn is rising. We can’t fool ourselves by believing that this issue isn’t touching us in the church. In many cases pornography is destroying us.

As a ministry, we have determined that we will speak up to say, “Let’s talk about this.” I’m happy to recommend our friend Pastor Bernie Anderson’s book on this topic. It’s called Breaking the Silence: A Pastor Goes Public About His Battle With Pornography. Here’s the publisher’s description of the book: “For years, he lived a secret life. A respected pastor, husband, and father, Bernie Anderson battled behind closed doors with pornography and sexual addiction. Exposed to pornography early in life, he was held captive by the addiction until he allowed God to transform his life. It is a problem not often spoken about in the Christian community, yet pornography and sexual addiction are devastating countless Christian homes. To help others avoid it or break free from its stronghold, Anderson tells his personal story a story of torment, hope, and the God who changes lives. Offering insight, encouragement, and resources, Breaking the Silence boldly reveals the truth about this addiction and how you can protect yourself and your family from the dangers of pornography.”

Get your copy, and support our ministry at no extra cost, when you purchase by clicking our Amazon Affiliate link from our Resources Page.

I recently had the chance to sit down with Bernie and tape a powerful interview talking about his story of addiction and the road to freedom. The first video segment of that interview is below.

Have you found other resources that have been helpful in this area? We’d love to hear about them. Email us or comment below. – Richie

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  1. Cindee G
    9 years ago

    Every Man’s Battle – Winning the War on Sexual Temptation by Stephen Arterburn is a great resource. It really helped me understand more about how men might think and what my responsibility as a woman in the way that I dress and act is.

    • Richie
      9 years ago

      Thanks Cindee – good tip.