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380A5314It all started coming apart on our honeymoon. For us “marital bliss” didn’t last 24 hours. Not that you would have known by looking. Almost no one (including us!) had a clue just how messed up things were in our home. In fact, some of our friends considered us the “ideal couple”. Of course pastoral ministry brought with it certain pressure to present an image of unity and marital warmth. But underneath the happy, enthusiastic veneer, we were headed for serious trouble.

When both marriage and ministry came to a breaking point, we walked away from the financial security of our pastoral career choosing to focus on healing our marriage. Since that time, we have seen miracle after miracle as God has done for our family what no one else could do.

Today we love to share the stories of how God is restoring our family. Since 2009 we have traveled across the United States encouraging couples and strengthening marriages. We choose to be quite transparent because we have found that many people can connect with our story of brokeness. From our story they find courage to believe that God could bring them out of a hole as deep as ours! We don’t claim to have it all together. But we are learning. As we learn, we share!

Richie is a husband, and a daddy as well as an ordained pastor, and the chaplain of a local Christian radio station where he hosts a regular radio show. He loves working outside, especially getting dirty in the garden or cutting firewood. His interests include sustainable living, furniture building, growing and storing food as well as playing in the snow. He enjoys writing and and teaching. He loves connecting scripture to life in practical ways.

Timari brings together her experiences as a mom, wife and Christian therapist to illustrate how a personal God can heal our hurts and transform the relationships we value most. She holds a BA in Theology and a MA in Counseling. She enjoys quiet moments (because with three man-children, they are quite rare) time with girlfriends, reading, and most things that include a beach.

We currently live in NE Washington with our three sons where we enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, gardening, snowshoeing, sledding, and exuberant life with boys.

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