Balancing Life & Family – January Update

At the beginning of this year I (rashly?) chose to share my goals for this year. Many of you expressed an interest in hearing how I was doing at meeting each of those goals. So here goes… The January Report.

Spiritual: Listen through the Bible once and the Gospels twice by December 25.  I am a little behind based on pure book count but Genesis and Exodus are loooooong books so there will be some catching up later when we get to the minor prophets! I’ve just started into Leviticus.

Marriage: Plan 2 date nights a month AND 2 “Just Us” get aways by October 30. We made our date night goal for January – because Timi arranged some NOT because I did … but we sure enjoyed our time. Now the ball is in my court for February and March. So far so good. I’ve found a great spot for our first “just us” get away.

Family: Implement weekly All Family meetings by January 31. Ahhh the power of a looming deadline! Mission accomplished. We began our “All Family Meetings” and they have had some good results – at least initially. We’ll keep you posted on this one. If it continues to be a success, we’ll share what exactly we are doing.

Personal: Set alarm for regular wake up time and spend 1 hour in morning routine. Alarm set – check. Actually getting up…. well I’m working on that. Actually the getting up is not so hard for me. It’s the idea of getting dressed to go walking in the dark, snow, rain or whatever nature is dishing out that seems to be the greater challenge. I’m not quitting. I will keep pushing myself here. I love it once I get out the door.

Physical: Lose 25 pounds by June 1st – keep it off through December 31st. 3.5 pounds lost in January! If I keep on that pace and a little better… I’ll make my goal by June 1st.

Financial: Have $XXXXX in savings by December 31. In January I nearly completed building some new online elements that are key to my plan to reach our savings goal. February will be testing and implementation month. I’m feeling hopeful.

Ministry: Grow our email list beyond 10,000 subscribers by December 31st. We are implementing specific, proven strategies to accomplish this goal. Based on what I’m learning, I think we may be able to exceed this goal by the end of the year.

Thanks for being part of my accountability plan, I admit that knowing I would be writing this post or one like it every month has kept me more motivated to press forward. So you’ve been a great part of my support team without even knowing it!

One other thing that I realized you didn’t see on this list which is reflected on the white board in my office, is the family plans and recreation time I’ve planned. That includes a family snowshoe outing (if we ever get enough snow), significant vacation time for camping and relaxing this summer, and more. This feels even more important now than it did when I put it on my white board. We’re pushing hard, and it’s vital that I and we as a family take time to catch our breath, play, and stay connected.

I’ll check in again at the end of this month and let you know how I’m progressing.

How are you doing at meeting YOUR goals? What suggestions do you have to help me be more effective at reaching mine? Share in the comments below.
photo credit: Zig Ziglar Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days via photopin (license)

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  1. Shera Rodrigues
    8 years ago

    I give you credit for not only making New Years Resolutions, but even going as far as to
    Accomplish them or at least try. You’ve inspired me. So I think I will make Valentine Resolutions since I missed the New Years or didnt feel like it at the time. I loved how you categorized each group, brilliant. Will for sure have to try to implement this for myself. The first one on my list for sure is a better devotional life, which I didn’t quite understand why you’re going outside in the dark? The second would be saving my marriage, which might I add that I see improvements in my husband in the way he treats me. Praying this continues, considering he was contemplating a divorce. I am doing the Love Dare from Fireproof, but mostly a LOT of prayers and Love, since he refused any Counciling of any kind. Divorce isn’t in my vocabulary. That being said I have a beautiful daughter so I understand family time is Imortant. When she gets a little older I want my husband to do father daughter dates along with mother and Father dates. We shall see, but I can just hope. Improvements on your part, or suggestions? I think you have, and are doing a Fabulous job, just continue letting the Lord lead. Thanks for the inspiration and God Bless You and your family.
    PS: I have found your material eye opening, and I have implemented it in my life the best I know how, and have been richly blessed thank you.

    • Richie
      8 years ago

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments Shera. I’m excited to hear of the good things happening in your life as you seek to learn and grow.

      Why am I going outside in the dark? Well, our family get’s up pretty early. If I’m going to get my walk in before the boys start bouncing out of bed, I have to go EARLY! So that’s meant I was walking in the dark and the snow. Just this week I could turn my headlamp off because the sunrise was starting to brighten the sky while I walked!!

  2. Dwight Bartlett
    8 years ago

    Reading about the goals you have set for this year and what you are doing to achieve those goals has encouraged me to stop and re-examine my own attitudes towards goal setting.

    • Richie
      8 years ago

      Thanks Dwight…This has been a journey for me too. I think it really is true that “if we aim at nothing, we’re sure to hit it.”